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Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Cars reminds the world that safety is not just another marketing exercise for Volvo Cars. Volvo Cars have vowed to be the safest car and strongly believes in becoming a complete-electric brand by 2030. Volvo has been in the industry for the past 100 years and is looking forward to doing more for the industry in the coming years.

State of the Art and Software will allow the next car to be the safest car which would be able to see the world in the point cloud.

What is Point Cloud?

These sensors are powered by Volvo Cars’ unique combination of computing and software to allow improvement and safety in the digital age exactly like the three-point seat belt in the late 1950s. They are literally data points in space that would look 3D to the eye.

Vision towards safety

Jim Rowan guaranteed that the next Volvo car model will set the highest safety standard, and Volvo Cars also look forward to innovating until the cars don’t crash anymore, there are zero collisions, and every Volvo Vehicle emits no carbon anymore. Volvo Cars believe in connection with human behavior. They focus on speeding, intoxication, and crashes that are unexpected. The business leans on helping people become better drivers by being there for them when they are at their best.

The new Volvo EX-90

It is born electric, with LiDar. This vehicle marks the start of a new era of electrification, technology, and safety. It will come with an invisible shield of safety; a unique combination of the latest technology powered by the understanding of the car’s outside environment and the state of the driver inside.

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Technology in EX-90

The state of the Art technology is made up of cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors, and the most important-LiDar in the roofline, a precision light-enabled radar system that measures distance with a pulsed laser. All thanks to Volvo Cars’ core computing and in-house software. The new LiDar senses the road ahead in daylight or complete darkness on highways. Anything as small and unreflective as a black tire on a black road will be detected at about 120 meters of distance, a pedestrian at 250 meters

Next-Generation Safety in Volvo Cars

The next-generation safety plays a huge role at times when experience fails. Mostly when the driver is frustrated or stressed. The understanding of the state of the driver means that the shield of safety can be more effective. New sensor technology controlled by unique Volvo-designed algorithms will allow the software to recognize if the driver is distracted, tired, or otherwise in need of a break.

This phenomenon has not been seen before; that is the car alerts the driver if it detects any of the above instances. The Volvo Cars’ EX-90 also recognizes if the driver is ill or asleep, it is designed to stop safely and call for help.

Data and software powered by LiDar perception will be able to reduce accidents by 20% and overall crash avoidance by 9%. Volvo Cars always promote the idea of feeling safe, highlighting their customer’s safety above it all

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