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To many, electric vehicles present a mystery, and a fundamental change in transportation. As a result, there are still major misconceptions about EVs that might make you laugh. Recently, over 2,000 people were surveyed in the U.K., to see how well automakers have marketed the switch to EVs. For many, safety around the use of EVs is a big concern. Here are five myths many people still believe.

Unsafe to sit in an electric vehicle while charging

The Tesla Model Y | Tesla

Surprisingly, this is the most common misconception about EVs. It’s surprising because we have never even heard of this myth. Over seven percent of respondents believe this. They should know that not only can you sit in your car while charging, but you can also even play a video game or watch something on the cabin display. 

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Originally posted 2022-09-04 11:54:12.

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