Lovato ExR CNG Car Sequential Kit Price In India?

If you are considering buying a CNG kit for your vehicle, you need to understand the benefits that come with a CNG kit or a CNG-powered vehicle.

Some of the major benefits of using a CNG kit are as follows:

Benefits of CNG Kits

  1. Huge cost savings in the long run– One of the biggest benefits of using CNG kits is the cost savings. CNG is a much cheaper fuel than gasoline or diesel, so you’ll save money on fuel costs.
  2. Comes with environmental benefits – CNG is a clean burning fuel compared to gasoline or diesel, so it is better for the environment.
  3. Helps increase your vehicle’s power and performance – CNG-powered vehicles often have increased power and performance compared to gasoline-powered vehicles.
  4. Easy to Install CNG Kits – CNG kits are relatively easy to install, so you can do it yourself or it can even be done by a professional.
  5. Safety as compared to other fuels – CNG is a safe fuel to use in any vehicle.

Lovato EXR blue CNG kit price in India?

This is a sequential kit that costs around ₹ 22,000 to 22,500 in India, this CNG kit comes with all the components that are needed to convert your petrol car into a CNG car.

The Lovato Smart XR CNG Car Kit is designed for converting and upgrading the engine from 2 Cylinders to 4 Cylinders. It has highly advanced and reliable technology.

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This CNG car kit is very user-friendly and intuitive to reduce its calibration time. These components are combined to reduce the amount of space and installation time.https://carandbike24.com/lovato-exr-cng-car-sequential-kit-price-in-india/

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Lovato ExR CNG Car kit Specficaitons 

Kit Type Sequential Kit
Vehicle Name Petrol
Vehicle Type All Types of Petrol Car
Country of Origin Made in India
Material ABS Plastic ANd Aluminium Alloy
Pipe Length 2 meter
Working Testing Pressure 20 Mpa
Processor 32-bit
Usage/Application Cars
Minimum Order Quantity 5 Kit

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